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Commitment to quality assurance and service 
1. the product of raw materials, parts, and all use the regular manufacturers who undergo a rigorous factory testing. 
2. the company shipped the product to ensure strict accordance with the requirements for factory inspection. 
3. the strict implementation of the state's "Three Guarantees" packer whole year warranty and lifetime maintenance free, non-human incidents were all free of charge during the warranty period, warranty period, the cost of parts only charge fees. 
4. the after-sales service staff, all to obtain National Occupational Skill Testing Center Certificate was issued, a unified service standards, operational proficiency, a place 100%. 
5. with five service car, arrive at the scene six hours Shandong area, other areas 24 hours to reach the scene. 
6. free for the user to develop 1-2 operators, to be able to work independently. 
7.  the user's telephone complaints and inquiries promptly accepted and seriously addressed to ensure customer satisfaction.

 8. 24-hour service hotline:0534 -5236998.


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